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Yukimura Seiichi ([personal profile] suisaigaka) wrote2015-10-02 11:02 pm
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I know it's only the first round, but we won. I'd feel bad for beating Johoga, but I'm not. Sorry, Sanada. Maybe you'll have better luck next time. Regardless, I can't wait until the next match. It was so worth the doctor's visit during Silver Week to be able to play.

Good job with volleyball, Nishinoya-kun.

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That's Yukimura-san! I only got to see one it of your match. I'll try and catch it next time. You guys as awesome too. Guess out clubs are doing well.
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You gonna get to play all matches? There's another libero in the club, I think the coach wants to put some pressure on him. I might not get to play. Definitely playing next one tho. Both 2 of their regulars used to play with me back in high school. They're pretty good.
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Who? Daichi-san and Kageyama? Are you kidding? They kickass. Kageyama is an ace type of person. Well, volleyball is not decided by how good you are by yourself, but how good organised you all are as a team. I do my job, which is receiving and saving balls. I can't do anything else as a libero, so I depend on Kenma and the others just as much they depend on me. That's why volleyball is such a great sport.

Btw, I've been trying some tennis... but... you know hushhh... cos if coach knows I find time for other sports he's have me on practice 24/7
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Always! One is my kouhai, the other my senpai and former captain. You have to pay attention to those regardless.

Yeah! It's insane! The fastest serve recorded in volleyball was 132km/h, the fastest in tennis was 263 km/h!! Almost twice the speed. I understand why, but you need to have amazing reflexes to return something like that, not that the serve was returned. Tennis and volleyball are very different sports, in the sense that in tennis your opponent is trying to hit the ball away from you, but in volleyball that's not always the case. The court is small, too many players. You have to exploit people's positions and hot the ball at them sometimes and use their body and reflexes against them. My position is very limited. All I am allowed if to save the ball and keep it in game on my side (for most part). I can't serve, spike or block. My whole game i about reflexes and be the defence. I want to be able to return a 263km/h serve if that ever happens in volleyball, so I'll practice my reflexes in tennis. I wasn't called Guardian God in high school for no reason, so I need to keep that reason and not disappoint.

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Man, you totally should!!! But, I have to say, some people think it's a sport for masochists. XD

[ooc: Omg... please have his suck at it like Ryoma lol cos that would be both cute and hilarious. Don't think yips would work tho, since you can't play or return all balls alone]
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As expected of Yukimura-kun. It's looking to be an intense week of practice matches ahead.
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I might be sitting the rest of the matches out, but I will enjoy watching them nevertheless. I'll have to go and watch some of yours.
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Mm, I wanted to try and arrange to play against Eishirou during these practice matches. The two of you are at the same university, aren't you?
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You shouldn't feel bad for beating anyone.
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You implied that you might feel bad under certain circumstances.
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I'm a little jealous. Making people cry on the court seems fun.
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We did good. I probably should have gave a stronger game.

Lets hope that we keep the momentum.