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Yukimura Seiichi ([personal profile] suisaigaka) wrote2016-01-18 09:35 am
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Winning the tournament gave me a great surge of inspiration and motivation, so I wrapped up all the pieces I had been working on over the break. After that, I spent some time looking at found art for some new inspiration. I came across this series of works by Danielle Clough called "What a Racket."

The idea was wonderfully executed and I find myself wondering how many rackets I have at home that I could turn into works of art. No embroidery though. I was thinking using the racket as the frame and stretching canvas where the gut would be, but using the gut strings to secure the canvas in place. I'll have to think on it more and maybe talk to my restringer to see if it could be done using metal eyelets to prevent the gut from damaging the canvas.

This is my favorite one of the series:
blue flowers

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