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Yukimura Seiichi ([personal profile] suisaigaka) wrote2015-09-25 08:05 pm
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Back in Toyama. It was really great spending time with my family and beating people at tennis. However, there's something almost as important as tennis and that's my art supply store haul. Dad was amazing, as usual, and let me pick up a few things.

- New Yasutomo Haboku Artist Brushes (in four sizes: S, M, L, XL)
- Iroshizuku bottled inks (one of every color available)
- Some more watercolors
- Set of palette knives
- 10 tubes of Liquitex white acrylic
- Porcelain :D
- Watercolor sketchbook

Nishinoya-kun, I have a small package of porcelain just for you. I'm heading to the studio tomorrow, so I'll just leave it at your station.

I have some plans with the ink and Liquitex. I cannot wait.

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