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I really enjoyed the Valentine's day scavenger hunt. Though, most of that was because I got someone I know. It was a good thing I brought my sketchbook along since there was a drawing challenge. That was one was made for me. Thank you for organizing it, Oshitari. It was great.

My sister called me this morning to let me know she has a boyfriend. She apparently confessed to him on Friday and he accepted. Apparently, if she didn't confess first, he was going to on White Day. How... sweet. I can't wait to meet and put the fear of the gods him over the next break.

The winter festival was too cold nice. The ice sculptures were amazing. I only wish I'd had more time to do a better one. I suppose there's always next year.

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My sister has decided that she doesn't want to keep playing tennis. Namely because she doesn't want to get compared to me. I tried to tell her that if she was amazing it wouldn't matter, but she told me off and said she wanted to try out for either softball or volleyball. I expressly told her to do the latter. Hopefully she'll listen to her big brother.

Speaking of tennis... Tezuka, are you free sometime in the near future? Not to play, obviously, since you're recovering. Just to talk about tennis. Though, if you're not adverse to modeling for me (clothed), that would be great too. :)
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I am still pissed off that we lost. How could we lose at tennis? If I could play every position, we would've won. Of course, that's completely unrealistic, but still. Losing. At. Tennis. Ugh.

Back in Yokohama. Managed to schedule tennis with Sanada, Yanagi, and Kirihara. I might have partial hearing loss from that. My sister is being kind and spending a couple of days with her big brother before abandoning him to go hang out with her friends. Mom made me promise not to spend all my time in the garden and dad locked up his art supplies so I wouldn't "borrow" any. I brought my own, but he has this clay that I've wanted to work with for awhile now. Maybe I can convince him to take me to the art supply store and get it for me. Silver Week gift or something.

Anyway, I'm glad I'm home. I was spending far too much time obsessing overthinking one of the paintings I'm working on. The time away should help. Besides, I have art history to study for.

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