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It's kind of a major relief not to have exams, but instead I need to finish a few of my paintings for review. I'm close to being done with a few of them, so I'm not too concerned with getting done in time. The mixed media piece will take the longest, but that's primarily due to the different drying times on the paints. I figure I could do one type, let it dry while working on another piece, then come back and repeat the steps until I'm done.

Niou, after finals are over, we're going to use my prize from the Valentine's Day scavenger hunt unless you're not in town, then I'll go by myself.

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I really enjoyed the Valentine's day scavenger hunt. Though, most of that was because I got someone I know. It was a good thing I brought my sketchbook along since there was a drawing challenge. That was one was made for me. Thank you for organizing it, Oshitari. It was great.

My sister called me this morning to let me know she has a boyfriend. She apparently confessed to him on Friday and he accepted. Apparently, if she didn't confess first, he was going to on White Day. How... sweet. I can't wait to meet and put the fear of the gods him over the next break.

The winter festival was too cold nice. The ice sculptures were amazing. I only wish I'd had more time to do a better one. I suppose there's always next year.

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To the Togei tennis team, excellent work. I knew our hard work and intense training would pay off. Next is Nationals, but don't relax. There are plenty of strong teams that will be trying to knock us out, so we have to keep it up.

We'll celebrate Saturday evening. Meet at the clubhouse at 6pm.

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Happy birthday, Niou!!!

Kinda sucks that we're at training camp over your birthday, but when we get back we can go out. Full day, you and me, my treat.

Oh, and I got you a non-tennis-related present because I am a great friend and love you in a super non-romantic way.

(ooc: Yukimura got him an umbrella with cats on it and a neko atsume thing - Niou can decide what it is specifically)
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Since your team won, you pick the place, Niou. My treat. You can even have dessert.

Hey Nishinoya, congrats on your team winning the volleyball tournament.

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We won! I finished my match quickly. Only because Yanagi told me not to drag it out. I swear he sets out to ruin my fun. The rest of the team did well too, obviously. We play Shirataiiku, but I feel confident in my game. Kind of hope we get to face Johoga. If only because I want to play Niou.

Other than tennis, I've been trying to study for art history. I know all art is important, but I'm not all that fond of pointillism. It's kind of boring.

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