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It's kind of a major relief not to have exams, but instead I need to finish a few of my paintings for review. I'm close to being done with a few of them, so I'm not too concerned with getting done in time. The mixed media piece will take the longest, but that's primarily due to the different drying times on the paints. I figure I could do one type, let it dry while working on another piece, then come back and repeat the steps until I'm done.

Niou, after finals are over, we're going to use my prize from the Valentine's Day scavenger hunt unless you're not in town, then I'll go by myself.

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Top 16. Unsurprising.

I've used the breaks after our matches to go observe others. Yanagi would be so proud. A lot of sketching has been done which is great for my art skills, but does absolutely nothing for their tennis skills. Some of them are horrendous and need more training. Their sets take too long, their footwork is horrible, and a few have so many openings it's surprising they hadn't lost sooner. I'd assign the lot to suicide drills if I could.

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Since your team won, you pick the place, Niou. My treat. You can even have dessert.

Hey Nishinoya, congrats on your team winning the volleyball tournament.

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I finished putting gesso on a few canvases then I took one while it was still wet and practiced painting with acrylics and the blade set I got. My technique still needs some work to match up with how long I have to work with the paint before it starts to dry and become unmanageable, but it worked for just practice.

Even though I didn’t participate in the bonfire, I was close enough to get some good pictures as reference for a painting I want to try using watercolors. I thought about taking one of my folding screen-style sketchbooks and doing a whole panorama, but the paper’s not right for watercolors. I could always try colored pencils and see what happens.

Unrelated, but I wish these ball machines had a faster setting.

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