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Yukimura Seiichi ([personal profile] suisaigaka) wrote2015-11-05 08:02 pm
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You know, I had a costume and everything picked out for Halloween, but I lost track of time working on something for class last minute since I've ramped up my tennis training. It was close to midnight when I decided to go home and crash. Which I did for all of Sunday. If you called/texted/emailed/whatever, I totally missed it since I kind of accidentally-on-purpose misplaced my phone when I got back to my room. I still haven't found it and I'm pretty sure it's died by now. Oops.

You might want to fill me in if I missed anything. Sorry.

Niou, so I want to do something adventurous and get a tattoo. Kinda like this, but with bright blues and such. More me, you know? Will you come with me and be my moral support? I'll buy you dinner and maybe a souvenir. We'll probably have to head back home to do it, but over winter break when I'm not playing tennis and need to go to the doctor anyway?

 photo 4ad8897f98a18db5391fbcff12827d0e.jpg

(ooc: strikes deleted)

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