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Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

I'm incredibly proud of the Togei tennis team for winning. We proved that we're the best in the nation. Everyone should be incredibly proud of what they've accomplished. Take time to rest and celebrate your success.

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I used my prize from the Valentine's Day scavenger hunt this past weekend. All I'll say is there was a gigantic, comfortable bed and I slept wonderfully.

Practices this week have, admittedly, been a touch on the brutal side. I desperately want to win Nationals. Suicide drills, maximum speed ball machine hitting, doubles matches, singles matches, handicap matches, 5k runs. I've decided to give the team Friday off to recuperate. Though, if they really want to win, they'll be at practice anyway. Endurance is key.

Atobe, will you be attending tomorrow? I'd love to show you how Togei wins tournaments and have a match with you. I'll even have a car take you back to your school when you lose.

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It's kind of a major relief not to have exams, but instead I need to finish a few of my paintings for review. I'm close to being done with a few of them, so I'm not too concerned with getting done in time. The mixed media piece will take the longest, but that's primarily due to the different drying times on the paints. I figure I could do one type, let it dry while working on another piece, then come back and repeat the steps until I'm done.

Niou, after finals are over, we're going to use my prize from the Valentine's Day scavenger hunt unless you're not in town, then I'll go by myself.

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Togei won. I'm absolutely pleased with how we performed. We just need to carry this momentum through Nationals.

I suppose it would be acceptable for me to be upset with losing to Echizen during the individual tournament, but I'm not. Unfortunately, it's not the first time nor will it be the last time I lose a tennis match. There are things I need to work on which will make me better in the future. I have no regrets. Except not pummeling him into the ground sooner.

Congratulations to the volleyball team for winning and the swimming team for qualifying.

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Top 16. Unsurprising.

I've used the breaks after our matches to go observe others. Yanagi would be so proud. A lot of sketching has been done which is great for my art skills, but does absolutely nothing for their tennis skills. Some of them are horrendous and need more training. Their sets take too long, their footwork is horrible, and a few have so many openings it's surprising they hadn't lost sooner. I'd assign the lot to suicide drills if I could.

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I really enjoyed the Valentine's day scavenger hunt. Though, most of that was because I got someone I know. It was a good thing I brought my sketchbook along since there was a drawing challenge. That was one was made for me. Thank you for organizing it, Oshitari. It was great.

My sister called me this morning to let me know she has a boyfriend. She apparently confessed to him on Friday and he accepted. Apparently, if she didn't confess first, he was going to on White Day. How... sweet. I can't wait to meet and put the fear of the gods him over the next break.

The winter festival was too cold nice. The ice sculptures were amazing. I only wish I'd had more time to do a better one. I suppose there's always next year.

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I'm sorry I've been so quiet lately. The Australian Open has been going on and I've been quite preoccupied. Disappointed that Federer lost to Djokovic, but to be honest, I'm not that surprised. Shocked that Serena lost, but I still can't get over Nadal's loss in the first round. It was just unexpected. I almost feel like his skill in the sport is diminishing faster than Federer's, but perhaps there will be a change in that since he fired his coach. Only time will tell, I guess.

Nonetheless, just watching the matches has reignited my desire to go pro. I need to discuss the options with my doctors, but I'm determined to make it a reality. They also helped with my figure study assignment. As usual, Federer proved to be a wonderful subject.

Great work, Togei Tennis team. I know these are just practice matches, but they are good practice for the upcoming tournament.

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Winning the tournament gave me a great surge of inspiration and motivation, so I wrapped up all the pieces I had been working on over the break. After that, I spent some time looking at found art for some new inspiration. I came across this series of works by Danielle Clough called "What a Racket."

The idea was wonderfully executed and I find myself wondering how many rackets I have at home that I could turn into works of art. No embroidery though. I was thinking using the racket as the frame and stretching canvas where the gut would be, but using the gut strings to secure the canvas in place. I'll have to think on it more and maybe talk to my restringer to see if it could be done using metal eyelets to prevent the gut from damaging the canvas.

This is my favorite one of the series:
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To the Togei tennis team, excellent work. I knew our hard work and intense training would pay off. Next is Nationals, but don't relax. There are plenty of strong teams that will be trying to knock us out, so we have to keep it up.

We'll celebrate Saturday evening. Meet at the clubhouse at 6pm.

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Happy birthday, Niou!!!

Kinda sucks that we're at training camp over your birthday, but when we get back we can go out. Full day, you and me, my treat.

Oh, and I got you a non-tennis-related present because I am a great friend and love you in a super non-romantic way.

(ooc: Yukimura got him an umbrella with cats on it and a neko atsume thing - Niou can decide what it is specifically)
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My sister has decided that she doesn't want to keep playing tennis. Namely because she doesn't want to get compared to me. I tried to tell her that if she was amazing it wouldn't matter, but she told me off and said she wanted to try out for either softball or volleyball. I expressly told her to do the latter. Hopefully she'll listen to her big brother.

Speaking of tennis... Tezuka, are you free sometime in the near future? Not to play, obviously, since you're recovering. Just to talk about tennis. Though, if you're not adverse to modeling for me (clothed), that would be great too. :)
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Since your team won, you pick the place, Niou. My treat. You can even have dessert.

Hey Nishinoya, congrats on your team winning the volleyball tournament.

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We won! I finished my match quickly. Only because Yanagi told me not to drag it out. I swear he sets out to ruin my fun. The rest of the team did well too, obviously. We play Shirataiiku, but I feel confident in my game. Kind of hope we get to face Johoga. If only because I want to play Niou.

Other than tennis, I've been trying to study for art history. I know all art is important, but I'm not all that fond of pointillism. It's kind of boring.

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You know, I had a costume and everything picked out for Halloween, but I lost track of time working on something for class last minute since I've ramped up my tennis training. It was close to midnight when I decided to go home and crash. Which I did for all of Sunday. If you called/texted/emailed/whatever, I totally missed it since I kind of accidentally-on-purpose misplaced my phone when I got back to my room. I still haven't found it and I'm pretty sure it's died by now. Oops.

You might want to fill me in if I missed anything. Sorry.

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I finished putting gesso on a few canvases then I took one while it was still wet and practiced painting with acrylics and the blade set I got. My technique still needs some work to match up with how long I have to work with the paint before it starts to dry and become unmanageable, but it worked for just practice.

Even though I didn’t participate in the bonfire, I was close enough to get some good pictures as reference for a painting I want to try using watercolors. I thought about taking one of my folding screen-style sketchbooks and doing a whole panorama, but the paper’s not right for watercolors. I could always try colored pencils and see what happens.

Unrelated, but I wish these ball machines had a faster setting.

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Togei lost. I did well in the matches I played in, but there aren't clones of me to guarantee complete victory every time.

If you need me, I'm either on the courts or in the art studio.

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I know it's only the first round, but we won. I'd feel bad for beating Johoga, but I'm not. Sorry, Sanada. Maybe you'll have better luck next time. Regardless, I can't wait until the next match. It was so worth the doctor's visit during Silver Week to be able to play.

Good job with volleyball, Nishinoya-kun.

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Back in Toyama. It was really great spending time with my family and beating people at tennis. However, there's something almost as important as tennis and that's my art supply store haul. Dad was amazing, as usual, and let me pick up a few things.

- New Yasutomo Haboku Artist Brushes (in four sizes: S, M, L, XL)
- Iroshizuku bottled inks (one of every color available)
- Some more watercolors
- Set of palette knives
- 10 tubes of Liquitex white acrylic
- Porcelain :D
- Watercolor sketchbook

Nishinoya-kun, I have a small package of porcelain just for you. I'm heading to the studio tomorrow, so I'll just leave it at your station.

I have some plans with the ink and Liquitex. I cannot wait.
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I am still pissed off that we lost. How could we lose at tennis? If I could play every position, we would've won. Of course, that's completely unrealistic, but still. Losing. At. Tennis. Ugh.

Back in Yokohama. Managed to schedule tennis with Sanada, Yanagi, and Kirihara. I might have partial hearing loss from that. My sister is being kind and spending a couple of days with her big brother before abandoning him to go hang out with her friends. Mom made me promise not to spend all my time in the garden and dad locked up his art supplies so I wouldn't "borrow" any. I brought my own, but he has this clay that I've wanted to work with for awhile now. Maybe I can convince him to take me to the art supply store and get it for me. Silver Week gift or something.

Anyway, I'm glad I'm home. I was spending far too much time obsessing overthinking one of the paintings I'm working on. The time away should help. Besides, I have art history to study for.

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