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Yukimura Seiichi ([personal profile] suisaigaka) wrote2015-11-13 08:18 am
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Since your team won, you pick the place, Niou. My treat. You can even have dessert.

Hey Nishinoya, congrats on your team winning the volleyball tournament.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I can't believe they won. I shouldn't be surprised, really. There is a minor silver lining to this though... I can put my rage over the team losing into my next series of paintings.

And even though it's winter, I'm going to locate an indoor tennis court for practice. I don't want there to be a repeat.
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Well I mean, technically we won, but you still won your match. You can pick dinner as long as we go to a cat cafe in the afternoon.
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Did you have fun? Did you like my Rafael Nadal impression? I thought it was very realistic.

See, I'd say something meaty, but my mind reading skills are saying you want something leafy and green.
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It was just a one off thing. Only for you, Seiichi.

Yeah. I'll have a look. We're going out tomorrow afternoon and night, right?
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Of course. I'm the nicest person. I thought you knew this.

I feel so spoiled. Cat cafe and dinner on Saturday... sleepover and we can play tennis again on Sunday? And get lunch after?
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I'll schedule in twice a month reminders for you.

What, you want a serious game?
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Oh I see. You may or may not get reminders that come twice a month. It's a surprise.

I suppose I can play seriously.
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Don't hold your breath for the reminders. It's only a maybe that you might get them, since it's a surprise and all.

Haha, bored of other opponents?
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Like me unlocking your window from the outside and appearing suddenly in your room? Or does telling you make it no longer a surprise?

Or did you just miss playing with me?
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Also can I just say, I like how you said I could have dessert. As if I wasn't going to have it already if you hadn't said it.
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I'm always open for at-the-time negotiations too.
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I like to believe I'm very persuasive.
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I'm sorry I lost.
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Still. It's frustrating.
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Yes. Looking forward to it.
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Thanks Yukimura-san. I'm still shocked you guys didn't.
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Friday 13th is Johoga's lucky day apparently~