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Yukimura Seiichi ([personal profile] suisaigaka) wrote2016-02-22 10:40 am
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Top 16. Unsurprising.

I've used the breaks after our matches to go observe others. Yanagi would be so proud. A lot of sketching has been done which is great for my art skills, but does absolutely nothing for their tennis skills. Some of them are horrendous and need more training. Their sets take too long, their footwork is horrible, and a few have so many openings it's surprising they hadn't lost sooner. I'd assign the lot to suicide drills if I could.

Though, I have a feeling the next round will be difficult to win considering two of our strongest team members transferred out. Which is frustrating. There's only so much I can do, but hopefully we'll be successful. I would love to come out the absolute victor this tournament, but even I have to face the reality that we might lose.

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